Wall Insulation Types Explained

17/02/2021 By Mike Off

There are few wall insulation types such as cavity wall insulation, external solid wall insulation and internal solid wall insulation. Modern houses are equipped with cavity wall insulation. An overview of these types and their benefits are shown below.

Wall insulation types:

Cavity Wall Insulation

The most commonly used insulation method is cavity wall insulation. The cavity is the space between the external and internal walls.. Cavity wall insulation is the process of filling the cavity with insulation by using materials such as Polyisocyanurate (PIR)Glass wool, or EPS. Cavity wall insulation also prevents moisture from entering the home. Modern houses are built with insulation boards (insulation panels) from leading manufacturers such as KingspanCelotexXtrathermEcothermRecticel, and IKO. If an existing house with a cavity wall is not insulated, using a spray foam insulation is another option.

The price of cavity wall insulation mainly depends on the thickness of the cavity and the size of the house. The accessibility of the home, the condition of the cavity, and the condition of the facade also play a major role. For example, any cracks on the wall need to be fixed before cavity wall insulation can be placed.

External Solid Wall Insulation

External wall insulation is not the cheapest option. However, if there is no cavity between the internal and external walls, it is recommended to use external wall insulation. The advantages of having external wall insulation include having no limitation on insulation thickness, not losing interior space, and getting a brand new exterior wall. The flip side of this method is the additional cost that is involved in covering the insulation board or any other insulation material outside. 

Internal Solid Wall Insulation

Placing insulation on an internal wall has few disadvantages including the loss of interior space. Insulating external walls from inside of the house can be done in three ways:

wall insulation types
  • Placing a wooden or metal grid against the supporting wall and filling it with insulation.
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