Popular Insulation Board Sizes

27/02/2021 By Mike Off

Popular Insulation Board Thickness are 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

Popular Insulation Board Thickness
Popular Insulation Board Thickness

Popular Insulation board thickness are 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. Especially in existing buildings. Insulation boards are essential for comfort, reducing heating/cooling costs, and acoustic integrity. Did you know there are different types of PIR insulation boards to fit every circumstance?

It’s essential to understand the differences before choosing what you need for your next project. There are various types of insulation boards, each designed to fulfill a different goal or space. In this article, we’ll break down what makes each option unique to help you determine which will serve you best in your next job. We want to make it easy to find the exact PIR insulation board that you’re looking for. We have a wide selection of PIR insulation boards to fit your every need.

What is a PIR Insulation Board?

PIR stands for polyisocyanurate, the material produced as a foam and used in PIR insulation boards. These insulation boards are the leading choice because they conserve 80 times more energy than other forms of insulation. PIR is both lightweight and tough, making it easy to install but durable enough to withstand the test of time. They are not affected by air filtration and are resistant to the passage of vapor. PIR insulation boards never put the installers or those living in the home at risk.

General-Purpose Insulation Boards

General application PIR boards (also known as general-purpose PIR boards) are designed for application on floors, walls, and roofs, allowing for a wide range of thermal insulation solutions. These boards work perfectly for pitched roofs, concrete slab ground floors, and outer wall linings and sheathings. General-purpose insulation boards are perfect when you need to optimize space during construction, and they lower heating and cooling costs.

They are flexible yet sturdy, lasting for many years with minimal maintenance. General application PIR boards are also the perfect green insulation option, as they contribute zero ODP (ozone depletion potential). We have a wide selection of General-purpose insulation boards available from leading brands such as Kingspan, Celotex, Ecotherm, IKO, Xtratherm, and Recticel.

PIR Boards for Specific Usage

There are also PIR insulation boards for more specific usage. For example, when you need insulation tailored specifically for a cavity wall or flat roof insulation and floor insulation, you can get a more specialized insulation board for that. We have insulation boards available for any project that you are working on.

If your job calls for something more intricate than your typical general-purpose insulation board for floors, walls, and roofs, browse our selection of PIR boards for specific usage. Our team is focused on helping you find exactly what you need. There are insulation types perfect for internal partition walls, party walls, and external walls. There are specific usage boards for timber frame walls, steel frame walls, solid walls, cavity walls, timber and metal stud walls, separating walls, and more.

Insulation board is suitable for several applications such as floor, wall and roof. It has a thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/mk with a foil facing on both sides of the insulation board. It is easy to cut and shape.


PIR insulation boards provide unmatched comfort, cost efficiency, and acoustic separation, all while being friendly to the environment. Their flexibility and wide range of use make them perfect for any project you may be working on. Insulation boards in 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm are the most popular insulation board thickness within the residential building due to the balance of the price and thermal effectiveness. Browse our selection of PIR insulation boards today!