Price Crisis Of PIR Insulation Boards 2021

18/02/2021 By David Off

By David Moore. 18-02-2021

PIR insulation price increase

Ever since the invention of PIR polyisocyanurate foam more than a decade ago, there has been no looking back for the material. Within a short span, it found a wide application in the market. PIR insulation has become a pivotal part of the construction industry in the last few years. However, this has also posed a significant problem.

The construction market is going through some troublesome times due to the rising demand for PIR insulation materials, and understandably so. After all, how can you proceed with construction unless you have an insulation board to line the walls, roof, and floor? Whether it is a commercial building or a residential one, insulation is mandatory.

How PIR Insulation Hike Can Cause The Death Of Small Businesses

PIR insulation materials’ peak in demand resulted in its shortage in the market due to the insufficient supply of MDI chemicals. Consequently, PIR boards’ prices started to rise and continue to witness new heights with no signs of stopping. The construction industry hasn’t had the time to recover from this blow as the rates continue their upward trend.

Who has suffered the most due to this unsustainable increase? Yes, the small to medium-sized builders have had to bear the brunt. The big corporations and building companies have little reason to worry. They have the finances to ensure that the PIR insulation isn’t rendered out of their reach. The same cannot be said about the smaller companies.

The smaller construction companies have been struggling to fulfil their PIR requirements. Indeed, many projects have come to a halt due to the shortage of pivotal material. Everything from the wages to the workers to the reputation of the company has been suffering. Many smaller builders have been forced to stop their construction jobs and renegotiate prices. More often than not, the results have been unsatisfactory due to which smaller companies either have to declare bankruptcy, shut their doors, or lay off their workers. 

How To Deal With The High Prices Of Insulation Board?

So what’s the solution? How can construction companies ensure that their businesses continue to stay afloat? Interestingly, the market for PIR insulation board is quite limited. Five leading names dominate the field, including CelotexKingspanRecticelXtrathermEcotherm, and IKO. These manufacturers of insulation boards provide builders with high-quality material that can do wonders for a building.

But the question is, how to avail of these high-quality materials? At such times, small builders and companies should consider buying insulation and drywall materials from insulation discount at affordable price. Yes, the construction companies need to look for alternatives wherein they would be able to find the same profound quality of material at discount rates. 

This might sound challenging, but it is actually relatively easy if you know where to look.

It is imperative to be resourceful in times of crisis, and this situation is no different. Meeting deadlines is crucial in the construction field. It wouldn’t reflect well on your reputation if you halt the project midway. You have to ensure that the financial pressure doesn’t lead to holdups, which is where insulation discounts can help you out.

Why the price increase?

The massive price increase of PIR Insulation has to do with the shortage of the MDI material that is used in insulation such as PIR insulation boards. The following manufactures have announced to increase the price from 1st of March 2021